Advanced PDF typography

For years, digital documents have been created using fonts and font features that allow advanced typography such as kerning or ligatures. However, automated processes have not typically leveraged font features that allow this. pdfCalligraph does. This opens up a multitude of opportunities for your PDFs.

iText 7 pdfCalligraph: Key advantages

  • Correct character rendering

  • Proper text extraction

  • Ability to index original source content

  • Unlock complex writing systems in PDF

Why so different? Ligatures

Ligatures offer a distinct challenge to the document world. They are the swooping, overlapping parts of text and can make single or multiple characters that overlap. Without advanced font features, these are left spaced apart, which is considered incorrect for many writing systems, or create a new glyph that can no longer be separated properly into the distinct characters by a machine. pdfCalligraph allows you to both convert your original characters into correct glyphs of single or multiple characters and extract the correct characters due to its smart use of document metadata. This is helpful when copying and pasting text content from a PDF document, or working with a machine automated process

Ligatures in non-Latin writing systems

Writing systems such as Devanagari, used for writing Hindi and other languages, use complex ligatures for creating their flowing, calligraphy-like writing. Off-the-shelf PDF libraries have trouble dealing with these complex glyphs and their character re-ordering when attempting to both properly render and extract text. pdfCalligraph is able to take the original content, properly render it and store the necessary information within the document to convert the text to a machine-readable version, making it possible to tag, search and index your PDF. This unlocks new opportunities for automating document processes in emerging markets and setting them on course for digital transformation in archiving, finance, documentation and administration.

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